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Farts Never Go Out Of Style

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 3, 2008

Nalts is a friend who is one of the best comedians on YouTube. He is a very talented guy. We were actually working on a television show together that never made it on the air.

Here is one of my favorite videos. Nalts sends his little friend Spencer to various public places with a fart machine. Simple. Funny. A must see video. (Note to Kevin – please can the annotations.)

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The brilliance of Barack Obama’s team

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 1, 2008

Barack Obama is not just a Democrat proselytizing for change. There are lots of people who want change. He is at the helm of a powerful marketing team.

His team understands the 18-25 age group, web 2.0 audience. They understand the mentality and how to use the tools; FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, email, and viral marketing.

They have done an exceptional job using these tools to raise funds, awareness, and generate following. You can see it in the dollars raised. You see it in his victory over HIllary. You can see it in his messages.

He (his campiagn) has embraced the openness, or at least given the appearance of embracing the openness, of the under 30 crowd. Note: The openness of the younger generation has created the Biggest Generation Gap Since Rock-n-Roll. (See the Wall Street Journal Article from 2.9.07) … but this generation is unbelievably powerful… one in which one person is so much more empowered than anytime in history to affect other people’s opinions and messages. One person has the ability to influence hundreds, if not thousands of other people… and Obama’s team is planting the seeds…


Obama’s campaign will be case study in the future…

Here is the latest example of a successful tactic: This video (below) was posted this weekend. It is a video of his campiagn manager explaining the latest status and strategy. This is a brilliant move of including and empowering people to participate.

Brilliant. Whether Obama wins or loses in November, Kudos to the Obama Team!

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Judge Upholds Lawsuit Involving the Use of Names and Images in Social Networks (faux)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 25, 2008

Judge Upholds Lawsuit Involving the Use of Names and Images in Social Networks

NEW YORK (Assimilated Prcss) ―

(Since this is a pending case, the names have been changed.)

A judge on Wednesday upheld a lawsuit involving a person’s rights with regards to the use of a person’s image and name being used on a Social Network.

“Sally Smith” had labeled a photograph of her friend “John Doe” in her online portfolio of college photographs. The image involved “John Doe” being passed out on a couch in a messy dorm room. He appeared to be unconscious in the middle of a pile of empty beer cans. The image had been posted 4 years ago.

“Johnny Doe” had recently been interviewing with a prestigious, conservative, Wall Street Investment Bank. He had gone through 3 interviews and had been told he would receive an offer pending his background check comes back acceptable.

The company doing his background check, “google’d” him and found the photograph that had been posted by “Sally Smith”. He did not get the job offer as a direct result of the photograph in the portfolio of “Sally Smith”.

“Johnny Doe” is suing “Sally Smith” for unspecified damages for the use of his name and image without his permission.

The U.S. Direct Judge said there’s adequate evidence to take the case to trial. The case is scheduled to be heard in U.S. Direct Court in Manhattan in January. Experts are concerned with precedents that may arise from the case and how they may affect FaceBook, MySpace, Flickr, Ning, Friendster, YouTube, and other Social Networking type platforms.

Lawyers for “Johnny Doe” and “Sally Jones” did not return telephone messages for comment.

© 2008 The Assimilated Prcss. All Rights Reserved.


OK. Ok. This is not a true lawsuit but think about it. With all the video and photo postings that are going on, we should not be surprised to see a lawsuit similar to the one described above.

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