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“That’s not true!”

“How would you know?”

“Yeah, how would you know?”

“Because I was… I saw it happen!”

“You weren’t there. That’s physically impossible. You were standing in the StarBucks on Route 110 in Melville at 10:30 PM last night. There is no way you could have been at Commack High School by 10:35PM. Exit 52 on the Long Island Expressway was closed for construction and there was a 5-car accident on the Northern State Parkway. And…”

“And we were right there. We were in the parking lot, on Town Line Road, right outside the auto shop… We didn’t see you there.”

“And we were right there. We were in the parking lot, on Town Line Road, right outside the auto shop… We didn’t see you there.”

<He puts his hand over the webcam, turns his head to her, and rolls his eyes. He clicks the ‘X’ on the screen and everyone is disconnected from the host in the house for sale on the corner of Route 110 and Old Country Road, Melville.>


At that moment, I thought “how did we get here?”

We have known Lou since Circle Hill Elementary School. In the early years he did the common things like smoking cigarrettes and pot. He occasionally did acid but nothing stonger than that… [I think?]

He did get in trouble in junior high. It’s bound to happen hanging out with those burn-outs. I am not sure if the “dealing” was his idea of how to make money or to be accepted by that crew.

Oh yeah. The day he smoked the stuff he was supposed to sell? He ran from those druggies so fast… he lucked out that Mr. Buckey, the principal, happened to have been walking in the cafeteria… Those guys would have killed him…

His dad transferred him to Christ The King hoping the discipline of the priests would help Lou get his act together.

Everyone was always hoping Lou would “get his act together”. It was always the common theme.

But Lou was special. Face to face you believed everything he said. He was always the life of the party. People wanted to be around him. I enjoyed being around him. Or I should say I would catch myself enjoing myself around him. But I was one of the few people who knew Lou was full of shit.

He is so full of shit, that he believes his shit. And he never admits he’s done something wrong. It’s always somelse’s fault.

  • Busted for shop lifting. “I forgot the receipt. It was an exchange…
  • Busted for fraud in business. “It wasn’t my fault. The customer’s check bounced. That’s why I didn’t send the camera.”
  • Get hospitalized as a result of getting hit over the head with a bat because he cracked the guy’s window. “The wind blew the kite and it hit his window. That’s not my fault.”

Last night was interesting. We had nothing to do so we started driving the Long Island Expressway (LIE 495).

At every exit we shouted out the name of someone we knew who lived there… and something about them.

We headed east on the LIE…

  • Exit 46 Sunnyside Road – “I met a bunch of girls from John Glenn at the Holiday Inn. The were holding an Albany State Party there. A few were extremely hot… yeah… like Janine… and I got to know her pretty well at school… I always avoided her at home.. you know… Docks End… The Dodger… Huntington was the place to be back then…hangin’ with the boys.”
  • Exit 49 Walt Whitman Road/NY 110 – “Michele, Michele, Michele. Michele from Colonial Quad. Morris Hall. She lived right off of Route 110 and Jericho Turnpike. She went to Huntington High School. Good kid. I think she was a Spanish major. She dated Hank who hated me because of my friendship with her…” …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..If you headed south was Farmingdale. Louie lived right near SUNY Farmingdale. He acted like a friend but was a jerk. Two faced. Would hang out and be one of the boys and then pull something…. Like the time he hit on my girlfriend Darla when we were partying at the Fountains… He knew that I knew… He really knew it when I knocked him out during the Colonial Quad boxing tournament.”
  • Exit 51 Dee Park Avenue… In High School I had a lot of friends from John Glenn HS. A bunch of the guys lived in the “ELs” section. We hung out at the fast food places around there and Across The Steet Pub… It’s a shame it’s no longer there.  The guys were down to earth… Tommy D, Mikey P, Johnny… I don’t know why they all had nicknames that ended in “Y”… they weren’t particularly tough… it wasn’t like it was Good Fellas… As a matter of fact, Tommy and I had a little problem because I had gotten beaten up outside of Dock’s End by 2 guys… and Tommy D watched and didn’t help.

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